Dedicated experts, passionate about what they do, with a proven record of helping organizations become future-compatible. 


Soushiant Zanganehpour

Innovation, Impact Investing, Venture Philanthropy


Entrepreneur and thought leader in the fields of innovation, social entrepreneurship and impact investing, globally.

Soushiant is a graduate of Singularity University, a Harvard Business Review Advisory Council Member,   and a Certified Consultant for the Exponential Organizations ‘ExO’ Network.

Soushiant was formerly the Strategy and Operations Manager of the Skoll Foundation’s Centre for Social Entrepreneurship, based out of the University of Oxford’s Said Business School.

He has 10 years of international experience in entrepreneurship, policy, strategy consulting, corporate innovation, and venture philanthropy in the UK, France, UAE, and Canada.

Recognised thought leader, published on social entrepreneurship, venture philanthropy, and business sustainability

Adjunct lecturer at the Masdar Institute, Abu Dhabi and Sciences-Po in Paris teaching graduate level courses on impact investing, business innovation and social entrepreneurship


Samer Kamal

Sustainability & Impact Investing


Entrepreneur and thought leader in the environment industry and waste management field in the Middle East.

Samer has significant experience developing and investing in sustainable and commercially viable business ventures with start-ups and FP500s.

Samer founded Bee'ah, one of the leading environmental-management companies in the Middle East, in partnership with the municipality of Sharjah in 2007, as the Emirate’s first environmental waste management and recycling company.

Grew Bee’ah from an initial USD $41-million capital investment to earning a valuation of over USD $ 1 billion in assets and raising over USD $250 million in the GCC

Advisor to European Economic Chamber of Commerce, Full Cycle Energy Fund, Warmth Asset Management, NYU Abu Dhabi